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Back To School or Off To College– It’s back to school time and we have all the tech your aspiring genius requires to reach their potential. Schoolwork and study-time is not what it used to be. Typing up a project or Googling on their PC or device is made easier and more enjoyable with the latest wireless keyboards, mice and bluetooth devices. Headsets and mics are essential tech to talk to their peers or if classes go back to online only. Get them ready now with last minute deals and super quick turnaround times.

If your young ones are a little older and are heading off to College they need to be kitted out with the essential tech. Headphones, mics, webcams, anti-theft backpacks, keyboards and mice improve their productivity and give peace of mind to parents, especially when they are away from home and without those home-comforts they’ve come to rely on. They can’t rely on “borrowing” your tech kit anymore it’s time to invest in their own.

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