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Our Energy saving devices help you keep down the price of your energy bills this winter and all year round. Gas heaters are more cost efficient than electric heaters and give you a simple option for heating only the space you need, especially during the daytime, when you don’t need to heat the entire house. Small electric Smart heaters give you the control to heat individual rooms at set times and to your chosen temperature. You can also remotely turn on or off the heaters using the app, so your living space is warm in advance of you needing to use it.

There is a huge demand for air-fryers at the moment. no, they’re not just a fad that will soon be hidden away in a press with the sandwich/waffle/bread makers. Once you realize the power of the air-fryer it will change the way you cook. They bake/roast/cook in almost half the time of a conventional oven and use a lot less electricity. This is a double saving. But more appealing is it’s convenience. It heats much quicker than a conventional oven and is ready to use in no time. My autistic son eats chips every day and before we had an air-fryer it was oven-chips or deep-fat fried every day, which was unsustainable, mainly for his health. The air-fryer is a game-changer in this regard. The potato chips go in with a table-spoon full of olive-oil and are done in 15-20mins. Crisp and delicious. The difference in his his mood, appetite, skin condition and general health has been huge. We couldn’t do without an air-fryer in our house now.

Dehumidifiers, many people think are just for bringing down the humidity, dampness, moisture in a room, but they are also extremely useful for maintaining the comfort levels and air-quality indoors. In the winter months when clothes must be dried indoors they do all this and help dry the clothes far-quicker. Some even have a clothes drying setting. We use our all the time and it’s far cheaper to run than a electric dryer. Your walls and windows will thank you, with less chance of mildew or mould from damp clothes drying. There are also proven health benefits to the improved air-quality. I would highly recommend any and all of these energy saving devices not just for the tangible economic benefits but all the other health, wellness and convenience I’ve mentioned above.

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