Air Fryer – Double Basket 7.6L

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Air Fryer – Double Basket 7.6L

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Air Fryer – Double Basket 7.6L

• Powerful 2850W Air Fryer with 7,6L Dual Basket Capacity
• High Speed Air Circulation technology frying with up to 80% less fat
• Two 3.8L baskets with two metal trays
• Digital temperature control
• Adjustable Temp. Setting: 40-200°C
• Dual Power Zones – Cook different food items separately
• SYNC function – Food in both compartments will be ready exactly at the same time
• Time Setting: 1-60 minutes timer
• Auto shut-off function
• 6 versatile coocking programs: Airfry, Max crisp, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate and Reheat
• Removable basket and pot for easy serving
• Easy clean-up, dishwasher clean available: both trays and fryer drawer are removable and non-stick
• Overheating protection

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Air Fryer – Double Basket 7.6L


This Nedis Double Air Fryer with a power of 2850 Watt has an extra-large capacity of 7.6 liter split by two separate cooking baskets of 3.8 L each. Thanks to the technology that circulates hot air at high speed, you get a very crispy result with minimal oil, making your food healthier and with a lower fat content. In addition, you can also bake, grill or roast with this hot air fryer.

Two baskets allow simultaneous preparation of two foods with different cooking requirements. Prepare fries in one tray, and vegetables or meat in the other, with both ready to serve at the same time. You can mix and set the cooking programs with different times and temperatures, which are ready at the same set time thanks to the SYNC function.

The Air Fryer – Double Basket 7.6L is equipped with a digital control panel with touch keys and an LCD screen which makes it easy to use. Simply press the touch controls, key in the temperature requirements for your chosen dish and you’re ready to go for either basket in the Air Fryer’s main cabinet. The temperature and remaining cooking time are easy to read on the display. In addition there is a pre-heat function with a default setting of 200°C with a pre-heat time of 15 minutes. The hot air fryer switches itself off when the set frying time has elapsed. You will then hear a signal, which you can set with the timer. The air fryer also stops automatically when you open it. The 6 pre-set cooking programs provide you with one-touch controls for added convenience.

Cleaning after use is easy; juices and fat are collected in the bins. The air fryer also has a non-stick coating so food residues are easily removed. The baskets and grids are also dishwasher-safe. The rest of the air fryer can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent after use.

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