Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter


Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

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  • Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
  • Connect to Airplane Double-plug Connector to use your BlueTooth headphones
  • Connect to TV’s, Radios, Car-Stereos to use your BlueTooth headphones.
  • For privacy and to watch TV in silence without bothering your partner or room-mate/s.
  • 2 hour quick charging with USB to Micro-USB cable included.
  • 8 hours playback time.
  • Super convenient and modern compact design.

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Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter


Bluetooth everywhere

Almost all of your devices are wireless these days, using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to other devices. But what if you’re on a plane, in a car or at home, using a device without Bluetooth (like the on-board entertainment system, your car radio or bedroom TV) and you still want to enjoy wireless sound with your wireless headphones or earbuds?

Don’t bother other passengers in the plane with your movie and no need to use in-flight headsets anymore. Watch TV in silence with your wireless headphones and without anyone else hearing the sound of your favourite series. All is possible with the Fly-stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter.

How it works

The Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter converts every system with an audio jack connector into a wireless Bluetooth system. Just switch on your headphones, plug the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter into the audio jack of the device without Bluetooth, switch on the transmitter and both devices will easily find each other and connect. Enjoy wireless sound everywhere!


What does Freshn’Rebel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter do?
The Fly-Stream is a device that streams audio from the connected port over Bluetooth. Allowing you to use your wireless headphones
or True Wireless earbuds in situations where you would normally need a wire. For example, on an airplane, in the car or to connect your
headphones wirelessly to the television.

Is there a delay?
As with all wireless connections there might be some form of delay, depending on the location and the devices. However, the Fly-Stream
has been designed to offer the least amount of delay as possible.

Does this work in every plane?
The Fly-Stream comes with a converter from 1 stereo 3.5 mm audio jack to 2 mono stereo 3.5 mm audio jacks, allowing the Fly-Stream to
be used on a large number and varieties of planes.

Does the Fly-Stream also work as a receiver?
No, it only works as a transmitter.


In the box:

Fly-stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Single plug connector
Double plug connector
Charging cable (USB to Micro USB)
Quick start guide

Bluetooth wireless

Wireless playtime:

8 hours

Charging time:

2 hours

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Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
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