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HEPA Air Filter Purifiers

Nothing beats living or working in a clean home or office. However, even when a room looks spot on, the air quality might not be as good; dust and dirt particles floating through the air can be so small that you can’t actually see them. Our Nedis® air purifier offers the perfect solution for a healthy indoor climate.

This air purifier works with a HEPA filter, removing up to 99.99% of all particles of 0.3 micrometre or bigger, which includes pollen and dust mite. This means less dust and you will also suffer much less from your allergies. To maximise the effect, the air purifier also integrates an ionisator. This option ensures that dirt and dust particles fall to the floor instead of floating freely through the air that you breathe so you and your family can enjoy extra clean air while being indoors.

HEPA Air Filter Purifier

The hep air filter purifier 20000 has a mood light and blue-lit touch buttons for clear visibility.
The fan has 3 speeds plus a night mode. The latter ensures clean, pure air even while you’re asleep but at an even lower noise level and with the lights out. This makes this air purifier perfect for your bedroom, baby room or basically any room up till 20 m2.

Cecotec 8400 Bladeless Smart Heater

The heater is highly powerful due to its 1500 W, capable of heating rooms in a small amount of time. Its Bladeless technology allows for a great heat distribution and ensures increased safety during operation. On top of that, it is silent and easy to clean. Easy control thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity that allows using the device from your smartphone. Also operated through remote control and touch panel.

Cecotec 8400 Bladeless Smart Heater Its LED display shows the room temperature and the rest of available functions. Its LED display shows the room temperature and the rest of available functions. It includes 3 operating modes: Fan, Low (reduce consumption to 750 W) and High (maximum consumption of 1500 W). It oscillates up to 60º, distributing heat evenly across the whole room. It feature a 12-hour timer, which allows setting the desired operating time. The LED display will show the selected settings.

Complete safety thanks to its triple safety system: Auto shut-off in case of tipping over, protection against overheating and no blades, safe for children.

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Ksix Eclipse Smartwatch

It’s all around great Its design with a 100% round screen and its elegant colors make Eclipse a distinguished yet practical accessory. Counts Every Heartbeat With a heart rate monitor which allows for having a continuous record of heart-rate throughout the day. Multi-Sport Mode Select the sport you are going to do for more detailed monitoring. Suitable for Swimming Waterproof up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes (IP67).Ksix Eclipse Smartwatch

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Plegium Smart Personal Safety Device

  • The Plegium Smart Personal Safety Device that phone-calls, up to 5 of your chosen contacts, and texts your GPS location for Free.
  • Connects to your phone through Bluetooth and uses your SIM card to akefree emergency calls and texts.
  • Best of all there’s no charging this device – 4 year battery life.
  • Compact and easy to use – 1 Min easy Set-up through the Plegium App and Bluetooth.
  • Great for kids, teens, adults or anyone who needs help quickly, just hold both buttons down for 2 seconds.

Our Selection of Gaming Headsets for PC, Laptops or Consoles are next level comms for serious Gamers.

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Nedis Smart Video Doorbell Webcam

With the Nedis SmartLife video doorbell you can upgrade your home security as well as the obvious convenience and peace of mind being able to communicate with visitors to your home. You’ll receive push notifications to your phone when someone approaches (optional) or rings your Video doorbell.

With the Nedis Smart Video Doorbell Webcam let the caller know where to leave your package or that you’re not interested in hearing about how Jesus can save you without opening the door or even having to be at home at all.

With 130degree viewing angle, 1080HD and night vision you’ll always know who’s on your doorstep.

Add a MicroSD card or Cloud Storage to store images and video for reviewing at a later time.

Add our Nedis® doorbell unit (WIFICDPC10BK) to hear the chime, even if your smartphone device is switched off or not close by.

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