The WIFI Torture

WIFI Torture and the Solution!

Someone once told me, that as my kiddies get older, they will learn a word and with that word they will torture your soul. I laughed at the time and thought “Drama-Queen!!” But now that day has come and that word is……. “WIFI”.

Dad what’s wrong with the WIFI?…. Dad why is there no WIFI?…. Dad the WIFI isn’t working…. Dad can you fix my WIFI?….Dad what’s the WIFI code?…  Dad why is the WIFI sh!t…. Dad can we get new WIFI?….. Dad! Followed by a long mundane story about how a video gaming session/video call/Netflix  went tits-up and ruined someone’s young life” Now I understand…Tortured!!

4G LTE router

How dependent on the Internet have we become? Streaming TV, Gaming, Homework, Online Shopping, Work From Home, Social Media, Whatsapp, and Zoom calls are just a few of those things we need WiFi for. Listen to their screams of anguish, doors slamming, footsteps charging downstairs, remote controls smashing off walls, PS4’s flying out the window, all because “The Wifi is broke”. Don’t believe me, pull the cable on your router and listen.

WIFI Torture – Soooooo what is the solution. We are at the mercy of our ISP right? Well one thing we can do is have an emergency backup if your ISP keels over or if you need to travel somewhere there may not be “Wifi”. Our N300 Wifi 4G LTE Router allows you to use the 4G service in your area and share it out around your house, tent, log-cabin, apartment etc. anywhere your phone can get data/service, and there’s power, you can use this device to provide WIFI for the family. You can use any SIM or have a spare dedicated SIM, which you top-up when you need to use this life-saver. A pay as you go, all you can eat data package is ideal, there’s plenty available out there. This is a device that comes at a small price for avoiding the “WIFI torture”.

If you need one in a hurry for a short time, ask us about renting one. Whether it’s for a camping trip or for a stopgap while your home WIFI gets sorted or ISPs get switched we can help avoid the WIFI Torture, Contact

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