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It’s not just convenience that Smart Home Devices bring to the table. Sure being able to voice control the lights, heating or TV while enjoying that well earned rest on the couch is a beautiful thing, there’s also the security factor to consider. Switching the lights on or answering the door, virtually, to an unsolicited caller gives you a degree of security that was previously not possible without a high-end security system installed by experienced professionals.

With our range of Smart Home Devices anyone with a decent WIFI signal, around their home and an Android or IOS device, can set-up and configure a host of remote-controllable and interactive devices. A Smart Doorbell, a Wifi enabled Camera, Smart bulbs and Smart Plugs, to make any electrical device “Smart”, gives the impression someone is always home even when you may not be in the same timezone.

CO2 savings are something on all of our minds at the moment. Doing our part to save the planet is made easier with your Smart-Home controls. Save on heating and electricity bills by timing devices to switch on or off at optimal times. Dimming our A+ rated Smart bulbs and using the thermometer settings on our Smart heaters are among other ways of minimizing your CO2 footprint. Feel better about upgrading your Home Appliances when you know your making a difference to the planet and your kids future.

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Smart Home Devices
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