Storage Solutions, Shipping and Procurement

Storage Solutions, Shipping and Procurement

Offering Storage Solutions, Shipping and Procurement of IT Equipment for
Businesses and Educational Institutes.

Storage solutions for your IT equipment. We offer a storage facility for all your off-site IT equipment. Whether it’s newly procured, through us or another vendor, or it’s legacy equipment, without a current home, we’ll keep it safe and warm until it finds it’s new home.

A safe, climate controlled and secure place to store your unused, new or excess IT equipment. A fully insured, alarmed and monitored, access controlled storage solution. Peace of mind that your equipment is in a dry, environmentally controlled storage area.

A fully managed shipping and stock control system for on-boarding/off-boarding staff IT equipment. We can ship equipment, on request, to offices or individuals as needed. This can help with kitting out new staff and/or offices, with the IT products they need, when they need them.

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